Author(s): Sumy. P. J, Jayasankari. S, Rebecca Samson, Kiruba Prasanna, Leena L. Raju, Bridgitte Akila


DOI: 10.5958/2454-2652.2017.00065.8   

Address: Sumy. P. J1, Mrs. Jayasankari. S2, Dr. Rebecca Samson3, Mrs Kiruba Prasanna4, Mrs Leena L. Raju4, Dr. Bridgitte Akila5
1Lecturer, College of Nursing, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Pondicherry, Pin – 605014, India
2Research Guide and Vice Dean, College of Nursing, PIMS, Puducherry, India
3Dean, College of Nursing PIMS, Puducherry, India
4Co-guides, Assistant Professors , College of Nursing, PIMS, Puducherry, India
5Biostatistician, College of Nursing PIMS, Puducherry, India.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 5,      Issue - 4,     Year - 2017

Young reproductive age is the preparatory period for the physical development of the future mothers. According to International Center for research on women, adolescent girls are having haemoglobin level <12gm/dl. Non pharmacological methods of anemia treatment are safe, cost effective, and avoid undesirable side effects. Nutrition content in beetroot had been proved to increase the haemoglobin level. Objectives : To determine the Haemoglobin level among Nursing students before nutrition supplement, After 25 days of nutrition supplement, To determine the difference in Haemoglobin level before and after administration of nutrition supplement ,To find an association between pre determined Haemoglobin level with selected socio demographic variables. Setting: College of Nursing, PIMS, Puducherry, India. Methods: Pre experimental one group pre test post test design was used in this study. Purposive sampling technique was used and 35 nursing students were selected on the basis of inclusion criteria as participants. Conceptual framework was formulated according to J. W. Kenny’s “General System Theory”. The study was conducted for the period of 6 weeks from 29.10.14 - 02.12.14 a Consent form and Assent form signature was obtained from the parents and students. Questionnaire was given to the students. Deworming was done by giving Tab. Albendazole 400mg HS, one day before nutrition supplement. Haemoglobin level was determined by Photometry method at PIMS lab. Those eligible as per inclusion criteria was recruited for the nutrition supplement for 25 days before lunch. Haemoglobin determination was done by Photometry method on 26th day to assess the effectiveness of nutrition supplement. Results: The Median difference in Hemoglobin Level between before Nutrition Supplement and after Nutrition Supplement was 0.5 gm/dl and this difference was observed to be highly Statistically Significant (pValue < 0.001). The study has proved that nutrition supplement with beetroot, jaggery, and lemon was very effective in improving the haemoglobin level of nursing students with mild anaemia.

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Sumy. P. J, Jayasankari. S, Rebecca Samson, Kiruba Prasanna, Leena L. Raju, Bridgitte Akila. A Study to assess The effectiveness of Nutrition Supplement with Beetroot, Jaggery and Lemon on Mild Anemia among Nursing Students in A Selected College of Nursing at Puducherry. Int. J. Adv. Nur. Management. 2017; 5(4):305-310. doi: 10.5958/2454-2652.2017.00065.8

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