Author(s): Vijay Bhandari, Dayabati Soyam

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DOI: 10.5958/2454-2652.2021.00008.1   

Address: Mr Vijay Bhandari1, Ms. Dayabati Soyam2
1M.Sc Nursing, Pal College of Nursing and Medical Sciences, Haldwani.
2Assistant Professor, Pal College of Nursing and Medical Sciences, Haldwani.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 9,      Issue - 1,     Year - 2021

Basic life support is one of the most fundamental components of emergency medical interventions. Human being had experienced health problem and immediately need of the health assistance to recover from condition especially in emergency condition, health assistance are used basic life support practices to save the life of an individual. The objectives of the study were to assess the knowledge and practice of high school students regarding BLS and assess the effectiveness of BLS training program on knowledge and practice of high school students. A quantitative approach with Pre-experimental pretest-posttest design was used for this study. The sample consisted of 100 students by convenient sampling technique. The mean percentage difference between pre-test and post-test knowledge and practice score of high school students showed 3% of enhancement with the t value 15.99 at p=0.00 and 12.7% of enhancement with the t value 32.76 at p=0.00 level. Training program was effective to improve knowledge and practice high school students.

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Vijay Bhandari, Dayabati Soyam. Effectiveness of a Training Program on knowledge and practice regarding basic Life Support. Int. J. of Advances in Nur. Management. 2021; 9(1):27-31. doi: 10.5958/2454-2652.2021.00008.1

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