Author(s): Monika Thakur, Raman Kalia, Manpreet Saggi


DOI: 10.5958/2454-2652.2020.00044.X   

Address: Monika Thakur1, Raman Kalia2, Manpreet Saggi3
1Lecturer, MMCON, MMU Kumahatti Solan.
2Principal, Saraswati Nursing Institute, V. Dhianpura, Distt. Roopnagar.
3Associate Professor, Saraswati Nursing Institute, V. Dhianpura, Distt.Roopnagar.
*Corresponding Author

Published In:   Volume - 8,      Issue - 3,     Year - 2020

Health profile basically helps to identify the new health issues as well as previously identified health issues. It includes the physical health as well as general well–being of the clients. The health profile helps the clients to know their own risk behavior and aware them to change the faulty behavior or life style and help to prevent the disease. A study was conducted to assess the health promoting life style practices among clients visiting selected hospitals of Punjab i.e. Civil Hospital Mohali, Civil Hospital Fatehgarh Sahib, Civil Hospital Kharar, Community Health Center Kurali. The conceptual framework of the study was developed on the basis of Health Promotion Model. A total 200 subjects who fulfill the inclusion criteria were selected by convenient sampling technique. The investigator developed a tool i.e. socio-demographic profile sheet and Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile –II (Standardized tool) and semi- structured interview schedule was used to collect the data. Content validity of the tool was determined. Reliability of the tool was checked by Cronbach’s alpha (p = 0.8). Pilot study was done to assess the feasibility of the study and study was found feasible. Ethical permission was taken from the concerned authorities and informed consent was taken from each subject prior to data collection. Results of the study revealed that more than half of subjectsn (57.0%) had average health promoting lifestyle practices, n (39.5%) subjects had good and 2.5% subjects had excellent whereas only 1.0% subjects had poor health promoting lifestyle practices.The overall Mean±S.D of health promoting lifestyle practices was 128±21.02. The study finding revealed that most of subjects had good nutritional practices and spiritual growth and the subjects do not consistently include health promoting behaviors into their lifestyles, especially health responsibility and physical activity. There is significant relationship between health promoting lifestyle and socio-demographic variables (Age, Educational status, Occupational status, Family income.)

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Monika Thakur, Raman Kalia, Manpreet Saggi. A study to assess the Health promoting life style practices among clients visiting the selected Hospitals of Punjab. Int. J. of Advances in Nur. Management. 2020; 8(3):187-190. doi: 10.5958/2454-2652.2020.00044.X

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